Residents put their sweet tooth to a good cause

Dec 8, 2020

The residents of Carey Park have rallied together to raise vital funds for Doors Wide Open, a not-for-profit organisation that provides services and resources to help people recover from addiction.

Every year Ingenia Gardens fundraisers money for different organisations in the Bunbury area and this year a resident had suggested Doors Wide Open.

As part of the fundraiser, the residents baked a slice a week and sold it for $2 a piece throughout the village to try and reach their goal of $1,000.

Carey Park Community Manger, Trudy Turner said “This was the third annual fundraising event the community has held.”
“All the residents come together to select a charity that is meaningful to everyone and this year many residents felt that Doors Wide Open needed our support,” Ms Turner said. “It’s important for us as part of the wider community to support each other, our loved ones and our neighbours. That’s why I love being part of this community and this region so much,” she said.

“We have many residents with a sweet tooth that reached out to give,” Ms Turner said. “The $2 isn’t a lot but for a pensioner
that is all you have to live on and to see the giving from these residents is amazing. “Ingenia Gardens just love to help and all our residents are touched with all the organisations we have helped over the years.”

The generosity and efforts of the residents allowed the community to exceed their target goal and donated $1130 to Doors Wide Open in December, with all proceeds going directly to Doors Wide Open to support their work in delivering professional services and support to those affected by addiction.

Ann Dunstall said the $1130 will help support many individuals and their families. “The donation from Ingenia Gardens means we can continue our services and I am pretty certain this will help out lots of people in the community,” she said. “It means a lot to us to see the community and other organisations like Ingenia Gardens getting behind us and rallying for our cause.”

Doors Wide Open peer support Ann Dunstall receiving the donation from Ingenia Gardens Bunbury community manager Trudy Turner. Picture: Bella Kitchen Bunbury Herald, Bunbury