A Trip to Penguin Island

May 19, 2023

Twenty residents at Ingenia Gardens Carey Park enjoyed a day trip to Rockingham and Penguin Island, taking in the beautiful sights along the Western Australian coast. 

The journey started with an hour and a half bus trip, which took the residents to picturesque Shoalwater Bay. From there, they took a short ferry ride to Penguin Island, aptly named for it’s hearty population of little penguins.

The group were treated to perfect weather and peaceful scenery as they wandered along some of the boardwalks that line the island, giving them the opportunity to learn about the island’s flora and fauna. After taking in the sandy-white beaches and crystal clear waters, residents headed to the Penguin Discovery Centre, home to ten little penguins who are orphaned, injured, or otherwise unable to survive in the wild.

There the residents observed one of three daily penguin feeding sessions carried out by a member of staff, who provided the captive audience with some background about the species themselves, and all their mischievous shenanigans. After the adventure, residents returned to Bunbury full of smiles and memories of the adorable little penguins. When reflecting on their day, the happy trip goers remarked on the peaceful tranquility of the island and the fantastic opportunity to get to know one another better.

Community Manager Trudy Turner who accompanied the residents and drove the community’s bus for the trip said it was a pleasure to see the residents so engaged and enjoying themselves. “It was an absolutely beautiful day with great weather, the residents loved it,” Trudy said.