Getting to know…Gordon

Sep 28, 2023

Gordon Walker has happily been a resident at Ingenia Gardens Bundaberg for more than 15 years.

The now 95-year old’s son suggested he consider a move to Ingenia Gardens after the death of Mr Walker’s wife.

“I had been retired for a while at that point and I decided I liked the place, so I moved in,” Mr Walker said.

Prior to retiring, Mr. Walker spent nearly 40 years in the fire brigade and credits life at Ingenia Gardens for having been able to maintain an active lifestyle well into his 90s.

Mr Walker said the community has helped keep him moving and social, essential elements in maintaining his independence over the years.

“Lunch in the dining rooms, happy hours, and carpet bowling are my favourite activities; morning and afternoon teas always mean a laugh and good tucker!”

Moving to Ingenia Gardens Bundaberg was a decision that has had a positive impact on Mr. Walker’s life, allowing him to live a life supported by his family and community.

“I am fortunate to have my family close, good neighbours around me, and our Community Manager Stephanie looking out for me.”

“I still have my license so I’m able to go and see one my sons who lives nearby and it’s great to pass the time; I’ll admit I’m very lucky I can get around,” he said. 

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if it didn’t enjoy living here, I wouldn’t be here!”