How to manage your medications safely

Sep 25, 2023

Ageing and illness can change the way your body responds to medications. You may also need to take many medications at the same time.

Health professionals like your Doctor, Nurse, or Pharmacist can help manage your medications and answer any questions on how it affects your body.

Remember to:

  • Only take medication prescribed for you, at the recommended times and dosage
  • Store medication as directed and away from children
  • Check your expiry date and replace if out of date
  • Keep an updated list of your medications for emergencies, so health professionals can access this information quickly.

Your Pharmacist can give you sachets, a pill organiser, or Webster pack to help keep your medication in one place.

Your Doctor or Pharmacist will have a list of your current medications. You can also ask if you’re eligible for a free Home Medicines Review. A Pharmacist will check any new prescribed medications can be taken safely with your current medications.

Your list should include all the medications you take including prescribed, over the counter, and complimentary (herbal, natural, and alternative). There are different types of lists available. Speak to your Pharmacist or go to the NPS MedicineWise website at

If you need to go to the hospital or the doctors bring all your medication with you, unless asked not to. You can also take your medication list.

Let your Doctor or Physician know about:

  • All medications you take
  • Any allergies you have
  • Any changes to your health after you started the medication (how you feel, look, and what you can/cannot do).

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