How You Cook, Can Make You Crook

Oct 26, 2023

The team at Ingenia Connect know many of our residents like to reheat their lunch meals for dinner, and many of you have premade meals or frozen meals that need to be heated. But reheating food is serious business, and failure to heat to the correct temperature could result in a soggy dinner or worse food poisoning.

So, the care coordinators at Ingenia Connect have put together some tips to get reheating your food right every time

  • Reheat leftovers once, only heat up the amount you intend to eat. Reheating dishes multiple times heightens the risk of food poisoning, it also reduces the flavour and nutritional content
  • Reheating your meals means cooking it again, not just warming it though. The meal needs to be cooked to steaming hot throughout then served immediately, if you delay your risk of food poisoning increases as there is time for harmful bacteria to grow
  • If your meal is frozen its best to let food thaw overnight in the fridge to prevent bacteria growing or defrost food in the microwave before reheating thoroughly
  • Cut food into small equally sized pieces to help food reheat quickly and evenly
  • Check the product instructions before you use clingwrap to heat your meal in the microwave. Some brands of clingwrap may melt and contaminate your meal. Always loosely cover the plate with the clingwrap and avoid it touching the food whilst cooking

Microwaving Food – the closest thing to a food time machine, where your meal goes in as a masterpiece and comes out as a mystery!

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Ingenia Connect is a complimentary service provided by Ingenia to all residents in our communities. The team works in partnership with you to identify your health and wellbeing needs and connects you to a diverse range of services to support your independence.

Ingenia Connect can help you to navigate My Aged Care, the NDIS, DVA, and to access community support services that you need to maintain your health, wellbeing and independence. They take the hard work out of getting the help you need, when you need it, and engage you proactively before support is required to maximise your choice of services.

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