6 Questions to ask when looking for the perfect Home Care Package provider

Oct 24, 2023

Once you receive your Home Care Package, the choice of a provider is a significant decision that often comes at a key point in one’s care. It’s about ensuring safety, comfort, and the highest quality of life possible for you or someone you deeply care for. But with so many options and providers out there to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start and know if you’re making the right decision.

To assist you in this process, we’ve collected 6 critical questions that you should consider asking any prospective Home Care Package provider. These questions aim to address the service quality and your rights of choice and control over your received services, ensuring you make a choice that truly suits your needs. It’s necessary to check whether your chosen provider can address all these following 6 questions and satisfy you before you make the final decision.

1. Does this provider have qualified care staff directly employed by them?

When a provider employs their care staff directly, it signifies a higher level of responsibility and quality control. Third-party or contractual employment can often lead to consistency in service. Staff that are directly employed are more accountable, often regularly trained, and more aligned with the company values. At myHomecare, the care staff are directly employed, trained, and monitored – allowing myHomecare to ensure the premium quality of the services they provide.

2. Does this provider have local Care Managers in your area?

Having a local Care Manager is a more personalised service. It means someone is nearby to handle any emergencies, answer your questions and know first-hand the area you live in. Local Care Managers are more familiar with community resources, offering unparalleled expertise in localised care. myHomecare is proud to have local Care Managers across NSW, ensuring they understand your unique needs.

3. Can you change your Care Staff if they are unsuitable?

Compatibility between the caregiver and the care recipient is essential for effective care. If this relationship isn’t working for any reason, you should be able to make changes without hassle. You need to make sure that you receive services from someone you are completely comfortable with. At myHomecare, they offer you the full choice and control to change your Care Staff if you feel they are not the right fit, without any extra charge or hassle.

4. Can you choose the days and times your Care Staff will visit?

A flexible schedule can significantly improve the quality of life for the care recipient. If you or your loved one has specific routines or commitments, being able to set the care schedule is essential to meet your satisfaction. Your comfort should be a priority to an approved provider. With myHomecare, you can choose the days and times for your Care Staff visits, ensuring that their services fit seamlessly into your life.

5. Can the provider arrange for alternate Care Staff to visit when your usual Care Staff are unavailable?

Emergencies or unexpected situations can occur. It’s important for you to have the peace of mind of knowing that care will continue uninterrupted. At myHomecare, their network of skilled caregivers ensures that alternate staff can be arranged without compromising the quality of care.

6. Can you receive a continuum of care during no matter your home care journey?

As you or your loved one’s health needs change, the services required may change accordingly. Having a single provider capable of scaling services to meet evolving needs prevents the emotional and procedural barriers of switching providers. myHomecare is part of a group of national providers that offers a range of options, from self-management to local complete care. This comprehensive model can evolve with your unique needs and preferences, from basic assistance with daily tasks to more specialised medical support, ensuring a smooth transition and continuous, quality care.

Navigating the journey of home care options can be challenging, but these 6 questions can help you pinpoint the most suitable care package provider for your unique needs. At myHomecare, with their decades of experience, they are confident that their range of services, their professional team, and their commitment to client satisfaction will exceed your expectations. For more information on myHomecare, call their expert team today on 1300 203 903 – their dedicated team is ready to assist you with any needs.

For more information on how to choose a provider or for assistance on how to receive a Home Care Package, call Ingenia Connect on 1800 797 625.