Managing your medicine

Jan 9, 2019

The beginning of each season is a great time to review your healthcare needs and schedule a check up with your healthcare professionals.

You may no longer require certain medications or have changing needs that are currently not being catered for. That said, it is important that you sit down with your doctor to discuss your needs and ensure that any medications you are taking do not interfere with each other in a negative way.

To assist Australians to manage their health, the Australian Government has created ‘My Health Record’, an online tool which summarises your health information all in the one convenient location for you and your healthcare providers as well as hospitals.

You control what goes into your record, who has access, plus you can obtain your information anytime, anywhere.

Your healthcare providers can then liaise with each other and make sure they are all working together to get you the best care and you have the power to share as much or as little details with them as you would like.

By the end of 2018, the Australian Government will have created a record for every Australian to better manage their health needs. Should you wish to learn more about the tool or register in the meantime, you can visit