Leading Constable inspires Melton seniors

Mar 14, 2023

In honour of International Women’s Day, residents at Ingenia Gardens Melton were treated to a special visit by Leading Senior Constable (LSC) Joanne Mutsaerts of the Victoria Police who shared her insights gained during her career in the force.

Speaking with residents over afternoon tea, LSC Mutsaerts covered some of the difficult situations that police officers encounter on a daily basis, including mental health issues, new recruits who may encounter tragedy on their first outing, and the complexity of dealing with youth offenders.

As LSC Mutsaerts spoke about the person behind the uniform and stressed the importance of having support systems in place, this prompted residents to share their own stories and experiences with mental health.

“It was great to hear the many shared experiences of the residents within the room as we all continue to learn and grow,” LSC Mutsaerts said. LSC Mutsaerts said she was grateful for the opportunity to speak to such an engaged audience about her personal and professional life on such an important day.

It was a privilege to be asked to share my story with the residents and to celebrate International Women’s Day with them.

LSC Joanne Mutsaerts

“It is so important to recognise this day and talk openly about how many organisations and businesses have progressed over the years to recognise the importance of a fair and even allocation of women in leadership.” she said.

The event was organised by Ingenia Gardens Melton Community Manager Nada Mecanovic, who said this was her third year organising an International Women’s Day speaker for the community. “Organising these events for the residents are so important because they not only give female voices a chance to be heard, but they also encourage important conversations between our residents.”

The visit by LSC Mutsearts left a lasting impression on the Ingenia Gardens residents and staff, inspiring them with her courage and dedication to serving her community. “LSC Mutsaerts spoke for nearly an hour about so many different topics, and it was an incredibly interesting look into life in the force that sparked some important conversations,” Ms Mecanovic said.

“A lot of the residents came up to me afterwards and told me how great it was to hear her speak.”