Ingenia Gardens communities celebrate Neighbourly bonds

Apr 4, 2022

Residents across Ingenia Gardens communities have fired up the grill for Neighbour Day, to celebrate the importance of community and strengthen friendships.

Combating social isolation has never been more important with recent research at Swinburne University of Technology showing that more than 54 per cent of Australians reported that they’ve felt lonelier since the start of the pandemic.[1]

To combat this, Ingenia Gardens communities across Australia brought residents of all ages together for an afternoon of good food, good company and community spirit.

Ingenia Gardens Melton residents celebrating Neighbour Day

Ingenia Communities’ Residential Communities Manager Nicole Jentz believes events like Neighbour Day are essential in reinforcing the importance of having support networks or just someone you can reach out to for a chat.

“Neighbour Day reminds us of the value of human connection and friendship within our wider community,”

Ms Jentz said

“Events like this give residents the chance to enjoy some much-needed interaction with neighbours and friends — especially after a challenging few years in Victoria with the COVID restrictions.”

Ingenia Gardens’s Melton community welcomed a bumper crowd of residents to their BBQ.

Community Manager Nada Mecanovic said the event was a great success in helping to strengthen existing bonds with friends and neighbours as well as provide an opportunity to get to know others in the community a little better.

“Our residents already form a very tight-knit community, but after the last couple of years we wanted to invite everyone to get together, enjoy a little fun, and celebrate being there for each other. We’ve got a diverse resident group who are living their own lives and come and go as they like. But we can also make the most of being surrounded by good friends and neighbours.”

Ingenia Gardens Melton Neighbour Day
Ingenia Gardens Melton resident celebrating Neighbour Day

“Knowing that you can turn to your neighbours for support, advice or just a friendly ear, is so important”

Nada Mecanovic

Ms Jentz believes the barbecues are the perfect example of simple ways that Ingenia Gardens residents can connect with each other, building a friendly and supportive community one relationship at a time.

“We find that while Ingenia Gardens residents are looking for security and affordability, it’s often the friendships and sense of community that they find here that proves most valuable.

“We should never underestimate the importance of community connection in helping to keep us connected, supported and ultimately keep us well.”

Ingenia Gardens Melton Neighbour Day

[1] Lim M, Lambert G, Thurston L, Argent T, Eres R et al. 2020. Survey of Health and Wellbeing – Monitoring the Impact of COVID-19. Swinburne University of Technology: Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute.