How To: Tackle Clutter in the Home

Nov 29, 2022

Does your home look clean and tidy because the mess is hiding behind closed doors?

Marion Invermee-Villarosa, Director of A Place of Calm, explains that when clutter starts to infiltrate our homes, it often impacts our mental state and our physical space.

• You may start to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious
• You find it difficult to make decisions so avoid dealing with the clutter
• You become embarrassed about your cluttered home, becoming isolated from friends and family
• The dust builds up, mould may appear, even the mice are finding their way in
• Trip hazards are becoming an issue

If this is you, Marion highlights the positive reasons to declutter:

• It will help decrease your overwhelm, stress and anxiety
• As the clutter leaves, you can breathe easier – cleaner air • You know where things are, and everything has a neat, organised home
• You start to see things with more clarity
• It takes away those fire and trip hazards
• It makes room for the important things in your life such as friends and family

Acknowledging that you may have a clutter issue is the first step to taking action.
If you would like more information about dealing with clutter in your home, reach out to the Ingenia Connect team.

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