Health and Ingenia Care – Summer

Dec 4, 2018

Seven top tips for keeping cool

Ingenia Gardens would like to ensure our residents are safe and comfortable this Summer. Here are some great ways to help you stay cool from (Daily caring, 2018). Drink plenty of cool water throughout the day and avoid alcohol and caffeine.

  1. Eat cooling snacks like iceblocks (with cupcalel iner as drip catcher) or slightly frozen grapes.
  2. Eat light, cold meals like chicken or pasta salad instead of heavy, hot dishes like a roast.
  3. Place a cool washcloth on the back of the neck and a bowl of cool water close by to periodically re-cool the towel.
  4. Sit with feet in a bucket of cool (but not too cold) water.
  5. Keep the house as cool as possible by keeping shades closed during the hottest part of the day.
  6. Wear layers of lightweight clothing in light colored cotton so it’s easy to adjust to the temperature throughout the day by removing or adding layers.

Beat the heat this Summer

We have listed some of our top activities and products that we highly recommend for the summer time. Also, we can’t forget our furry friends, we have picked some that we useo useselves.


  • Head to the movies! Enjoy the air con and maybe even a cheeky choc top
  • Take a dip in your local swimming pool, maybe even sign up for water aerobics
  • Treat yourself and head to the shops!
  • Catch up with friends and family at the local café! Enjoy a fresh juice to cool you down
  • Museum visit! Amazement


  • Bunnings – Dynabreeze 50cm misting fan.
  • Amazon, Chillpal – PVA cooling towel (Great for after a walk).
  • Banana Boat – Sport performance coolzone spray on sunscreen.
  • Sukin – Hydrating mist toner.
  • Amazon – Ariel EDGE plush hot/cold eye mask (One of our favourites).
  • Portal fan that run on batteries or USB, these can be purchased at Kmart, Target and Big W. Great to keep in your bag!

Furry friend Products:

  • Kmart – Sea n’ Sand Pool, fill with water and let your best friend dip their paws in
  • Amazon – Dog cooling mat
  • Amazon – LaRoo ice lolly dog toy
  • Pet Shop – Bone shaped ice cube tray

Have an amazing summer filled with laughter but remember to look after yourself and your furry friend as our Aussie summers can be scorchers.