Taree Seniors Donate Hampers to Local Women’s Shelter This Christmas

Dec 17, 2022

The residents of Ingenia Gardens Taree have embraced the season of giving, generously donating four Christmas hampers to Great Lakes Women’s Shelter.

The shelter provides a safe and nurturing environment for short term emergency accommodation and case support, enabling women experiencing homelessness to rebuild self-esteem and achieve control of their lives.

Ingenia Gardens Taree resident Valerie Drumgold said it was important for her community to give back to those in need at Christmas time.

“Christmas is all about being generous. It’s not about receiving gifts from others, it’s about giving back to those around you and giving back to those who need it most,” she said.

Valerie Drumgold, Ingenia Gardens Taree resident

“Many women and children are taken to the shelter overnight, sometimes they go there without any possessions or belongings. Although it’s a place of safety for them it would be hard not having any of your comfort items with you. It would be especially hard for those people to be in this situation during Christmas time and the holidays. Your heart really goes out to them. This is the second year we’ve put out donation boxes in our community room for the residents to fill with items for the Christmas hampers.”

“It’s been lovely to see everyone come together and get behind such an important cause. Everyone has contributed something – from groceries to bed linens and toys for the children.

“When we play Bingo in the community room, whatever I’ve won as the prize I’ve put straight into these boxes,” Ms Drumgold said.

Ingenia Gardens Taree Community Manager Amanda Howton said she is proud of the residents for coming together and organising the hampers. “I’m proud of everyone for getting into the Christmas spirit and coming together to make these hampers for those who are in need,”

“It’s been wonderful to see the residents donating whatever they could out of the kindness of their hearts. To be able to give these women and children something to look forward to at Christmas time is the best gift of all.

Amanda Howton, Community Manager Ingenia Gardens Taree