Melton Senior reflects on his journey of parenthood this Fathers Day

Sep 4, 2022 | 1 comment

As Australia celebrates its dads this Father’s Day, one Melton senior is reflecting on his unusual experience of becoming an immediate father to five beautiful children.

Ingenia Gardens Melton resident, Jon Adamson, suddenly found himself thrust into the world of fatherhood after marrying his wife, Margaret, back in 1978.

The former bachelor found himself with a ready-made family and sharing the responsibility for helping to raise five young children, ranging from three to 12 years of age.

Despite the challenges that came with his newfound fatherhood, Mr Adamson said he cherished his new life and family.

It was definitely hard at times, especially going from no children to five. Not many people can say that’s happened to them

Jon Adamson

“They were good kids though – their mother had done a wonderful job bringing them up and there were no problems with them accepting me as part of the family.”

In recent years, Mr Adamson’s family of seven has expanded with his children having children of their own.

“My kids went on to have 14 kids between them and now I even have three great grandchildren.

“Margaret and I love to spend as much time with them all as possible, but it’s been hard since they’re spread-out all-over Australia,” he said.

When asked for his advice to the new generation of dads this Father’s Day, Mr Adamson simply said, “just love your family every day and never take them for granted”.

“At the end of the day, your kids are what will get you through all the trials and tribulations that you’ll face in life.”

Ingenia Gardens Melton Community Manager Kim Gater credited Mr Adamson for being a pillar of strength for his ever-growing family.

Jon is extremely devoted to his family and loves all of the children as if they were his own. It truly takes a special kind of man to do what Jon has done with such love and devotion

Kim Gater, Ingenia Gardens Melton Community Manager

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