Local heroes!

Jun 18, 2020

On the first Monday of June each year, Western Australians young and old, from all ethnicities and cultures, unite to celebrate WA Day. The day is used as an opportunity to give a shout out to those who make a significant contribution to their communities, families and workplaces, especially through the dark times and award these shinning stars with a WA Day Hero Certificate.

Although the traditional WA Day Festival events did not take place across the State this year, there was still plenty for Western Australians to celebrate and with the opportunity to call out a local hero, especially with the world being a little in 2020. It was more important then ever to come together and show appreciation to those who made a difference to our lives during this difficult time.

The residents of Ingenia Gardens Seascape used this opportunity to show their gratitude and apprication for the brillent job they have been doing, the residents presented Community Manager – Sonia Magee and Chef Angela Thompson with a bunch of flowers and a Certificate of Appreciation for WA Day Hero to say a thank you for everything that they did for them over the past couple of months.

Sonia has always done a wonderful job as a Community Manager, and is always so kind, helpful and there for her residents whenever they need her. During these unanticipated times of uncertainty and change, Sonia was outstanding in her efforts to help the residents through the difficult time and continue to bring happiness to the residents. From fun an creative ways of delivering meals to varies activities that residents could enjoy from their safety of their units. Sonia also initiated a letter swap incentive with the residents. Residents were asked to write a letter about themselves which would then be shared amongst the other residents, give them an opportunity to learn new and interesting things about each other – even from a distance.

A big congratulations to both Sonia and Angela for their amazing efforts. Keep up the amazing work.