Creativity and connection are key to men’s mental health

Sep 30, 2021

With an increasing population of Australians over 60, Men’s Health Week (14-20 June) was a timely reminder to focus on the importance of engaging older Aussie men in building supportive strategies to manage their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Mandurah local Bill Moore firmly believes in the importance of encouraging positive men’s health, running his own art classes and reiki circles in his Ingenia Gardens Seascape community.

“Many ageing men find themselves suffering from a loss, divorce, or separation which can take its toll,” Mr Moore said.

“For an older male in this situation, he finds himself totally lost – no family, no libido, loneliness and other physical health issues and no income except the pension during his retirement.

“Men struggling with their mental health need to be shown or taught to somehow retrieve their desires and life destinies so that they can become creative again and enjoy their life, instead of finding themselves at risk of falling through the cracks and crevices of life.”

Seascape Community Manager Sonia Magee said Bill Moore was a positive force in the community and was grateful for his ongoing encouragement of the other men to join in the sessions that he runs.

“Many of the male residents living at Ingenia Gardens live on their own which is why social connections and community engagement is critical to tackling any risk of loneliness that they may face,” Ms Magee said.

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