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Poem written by Ingenia Gardens Swan View Resident, Robert Lee.

A beautiful red rose in my garden grew. And the morning fed her with silvery dew.

She opened all her flowers to the morning light. Later closing them; to the kisses of night.

Such a day; in my beautiful garden there. With the roses and the beautiful colours they wear.

They give me promise as they wear their full bloom. It’s a promise; that each morning they will re-loom.

There they’ll grow with beauty; in my garden fair. They will give me a memory; of just being there.

I can plant the memory in the garden of my mind. It will remind me of life; when the world was so kind.

A life I remember with love and care. I have found; a great joy of just being there.

Walking I found a life; that was good to live. With an arm full of love; that was mine to give.

For the rest of my life; I’ll remember the rose. And the beautiful morning garden; where she grows.

This roseĀ of the morning; with her dew drops all anew. She gives us her beauty in colours; that are so true.

In the rose of the morning; I find a love to give. Then there, in all her beauty; I find it’s good to live.

The roses in their garden; give pleasures that are true. Especially when we find them; all touched with morning dew.

Our garden is a special place; where fine roses grow. There’s a beauty about them; that all around should know.

The pleasures that they give to life; will last forever more. I find all the pleasures that they have; just outside my door.


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